Wall Units

The Closet Depot Wall Unit 1

Gone are the days of simple book cases to hold our books, stereo, TV, photos, art, and other miscellaneous items. Customers like you are intelligent buyers with sophisticated taste in design. We’ve grown up and are looking to update our style with innovative and functional storage solutions.




The Closet Depot Wall Unit 2

We would like to partner with you to create a casual yet sophisticated environment that says welcome home, sit back and relax. We’ve got you organized. Your wall unit holds more than just a TV and some books. Today, we at The Closet Depot find our customers are looking for more design elegance in their wall units, not to mention storage compartments.

We know sometimes it’s the simple things that are overlooked or taken for granted when designing a wall unit. At The Closet Depot we put those small details to work for you.



The Closet Depot Wall Unit 3
Just take a look at some of the things we incorporate to give you a look and feel of stylish organization.

• Integrated LED lighting.
• Accessible outlets with wiring and cables neatly concealed yet easy to reach.
• Adjustable shelving.
• A wide variety of materials and finishes that complement your taste while matching the décor of the rest of your home.



The Closet Depot Wall Unit 5

• Pull out shelves for easy access.
• Custom wood trim to match your design unit.
• Custom cabinetry with a variety of stylish door fronts.
• A wide selection of handles and knobs.
• Fabric covered doors to accommodate stereo speakers.



The Closet Depot Wall Unit 7
Custom designed wall units from The Closet Depot reflect your personality and lifestyle. We understand how to put order in all the household chaos. We put things in their place by designing effective storage within the wall units for all the precious and essential things you own.

Come home to an organized home that you’d want to show off to you family and friends. Enjoy your space and feel proud. You’ve grown up, got things in order, and deserve the very best. Let us help you by creating the wall unit design you’ve been looking for.