Murphy Beds

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What’s a Murphy bed and who is this guy Murphy that has a law and now a bed? I know that’s what you’re asking yourselves.

A Murphy bed is a foldaway bed that typically folds up against a wall on the head end. It has no headboard, footboard, or traditional box springs. When the Murphy bed is folded up against the wall it leaves you with valuable living space.




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Providing beds for guests can be challenging especially in smaller homes, condo’s or apartments with limited space. A Murphy bed is just the solution for such a problem. Without taking up an entire room, a custom designed Murphy bed provides a traditional mattress bed for overnight guest, and necessary storage. It’s a quick and easy solution. However, they’re just not for small spaces either. It’s just a matter of making the most efficient use of your existing space.




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The Closet Depot has installed custom designed Murphy beds in many homes, office environments, and hospital care units. We exceed in creating a peaceful and functional bedroom space that can double as an office, play area, arts and crafts or exercise room. Whatever the room, we create more living space and get you and your guest feeling at home. We install more than just closets these days. We like to be considered your entire home organizational company offering our customers unique storage solutions that fit their everyday life and their changing home environment.




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So the next time your thinking about how to accommodate additional sleep over guests and instead of a traditional pull out hideaway sofa sleeper, air mattress, cot or the couch, consider a Murphy bed and the endless possibilities of design, function, organization, and storage. We can help you make the most of your existing rooms and give you the space needed. Your guests will love the comfort and you will love the functionality for years to come.